new things

  1. Psychiatrists say that 1 of 4 people are mentally ill. Check three friends. If they’re OK, you’re it.
    Hmm, did you know the mentally ill think they are OK in their world? Is there a litmus paper for this test?
  2. Always remember to pillage BEFORE you burn.
    Isn’t that the way it works, or there is another way?
  3. It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.
    Did not get it, but I thought it was a thought to share.
  4. Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don’t have film.
    I am a victim; where do I subscribe to get a film?
  5. The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.
    No pun intended!
  6. Earthworms have five hearts.
    What happens when it has a heart attack?
  7. Footprints of astronauts who landed on the moon should last at least 10 million years since the moon has no atmosphere.
    NASA jibu swali.
  8. Fathers tend to determine the height of their child, mothers their weight.
    Does that include the height of the goods? Just asking.
  9. Watching television can act as a natural painkiller for children.
    Gay Sponge Bob; maybe!
  10. There are 333 toilet paper squares on a roll of toilet paper.
    I beg to differ; too much idle time in the bathroom during #2 especially when there is no magazine to read.
  11. The most fatal accidents occur on Saturday.
    Are we blaming the drunks, or is this contributed to the need to get to the club before they open bar is over? Was Diana rushing for something?
  12. Dry fish food can make goldfish constipate.
    Kuanga serious! Will Andrews liver salt work?

Everyone has more or less decided or is in the path of making a change in their life and their surroundings. All the best with that; I am also hoping to keep part of my promise to myself. I can share that the sky is the limit in 2008. The common New Years resolutions include:

  • quit smoking and/or drinking
  • find new love
  • lose weight; no comment
  • learn something new
  • live life to the fullest…

The list is endless. I have failed miserably on several unmentionables, therefore we are not going there. Everyone has a New Year’s Resolution Story to share. Toboa!

Happy New Year to all!