A good conversation,
Only to realize that you never left.

Gazing at the fireplace,
The warmth is heartfelt.

And Finally,
Yes, Finally a peace of mind.



  • TV started @ 4pm.
  • Singing the Multiples every morning 1 X 1 equals 1; 1 x 2 equals 2… etc
  • Joy Bringers was the highlight of Sunday afternoons.
  • Remember URTNA? Always looked forward to the plays.
  • Coke is it! Coca Cola is it!
  • Weekend movie was a forbidden; and if you watched it, you were a superstar on Monday.
  • There used to a noisemaker’s row; I was a victim.
  • Sheng just hit the streets: spleng, avungas, so and so are pushing.

Good times A Gwang!

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